Tilley - LTM6 Airflo - Khaki

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Simply put: the best hat on the planet and it floats! Each Hat is hand sewn using very strong thread; all seams are lock-stitched so they won't unravel. The brass is from Britain and is the best there is. The Tilley Airflo® repels rain, provides sun protection in a lightweight construction and comes with a tuckaway, adjustable, fore 'n' aft Wind Cord. When it's calm, the cord stays hidden in the crown. When there's a breeze, place the part with the sliding knots behind your head. When it's windy or you're sailing, use the chin part too. Tilley Airflo® designs incorporate mesh into the crown allowing coolness and comfort during hot days or strenuous activities. Tilley Hats are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE and INSURED AGAINST LOSS by the manufacturer and, if that weren't enough, the Tilley Airflo is MACHINE WASHABLE (WON`T SHRINK) and it weighs only about 4 ounces!